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decorative concrete overland park

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Decorative concrete in Overland Park,
 sometimes referred to as stamped concrete, is one of the emerging trends in the home improvement department. It opens the possibilities of concrete not only as an integral part of the structure but also as a decorative element that brightens any home.

Gone are the days of plain, gray and lifeless concrete compensated by home decors and paints. Colored, patterned, stamped and textured concrete is now the trend.

For people living in the Kansas City area, you may contact a few Overland Park concrete contractor specializing in decorative concrete Overland Park if you want to try decorative concrete for your home.

Decorative (or stamped) concrete involves using various materials like paint and pattern-making tools during the concrete’s pouring process or after its curing time. This results in various concrete finishes such as colored, painted, polished, stamped, stenciled, acid-stained, float and trowel, broom and rock salt.

It may be costly at first but in the long run, it is an investment. You do not need to buy many home decors or frequently paint the house with different colors to spice up your space. Decorative concrete Overland Park can provide you with colors and patterns that add life to your home while still performing its main functions – as a patio, floor, wall, countertop or driveway.

Indoors, stamped concrete is commonly applied on floors, countertops, sinks, areas around the fireplace, furnitures and faux-wall coverings. Outdoors, it is commonly applied on patios, driveways, walkways, entryways, outdoor countertops and sinks and pool decks.

Painting the house with bright colors, rearranging the furnitures and adding nice items are some of the common ways to prettify your home. But for this year, why not try to liven up  your home with decorative concrete? Contacting a few concrete contractors specializing in decorative concrete in OP to discuss about it is easy.  Browne Concrete and Construction is the leader in decorative and stamped concrete in Overland Park. Call today for a free quote!

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overland park decorative concrete

Work by Browne Concrete and Construction

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